The biggest ideas started as a seed ready to sprout. 


    Communications Strategy


    What is your story? Who is your audience? Are you relying on your consumers to remain loyal without returning the favor? Is your brand making promises your actions can't keep?  What you say is nearly as important as how you say it and if your competition can make the same statements, is it the right approach for  you? Together we'll make a devise a strategy that is ownable, impactful and delivers for you. 

    Sales and Marketing Integration


    If a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it? If there is a great story in a key publication, does anyone read it or more important, take action?  Through my experience in both supplier and distributor tiers, I've worked closely both sales and marketing teams. Every plan ... every action is designed with an eye to driving sales, or whatever the desired end result or ultimate business goal may be.

    Media Relations


    The media landscape is changing faster today than ever before., new technologies,  changing platforms, fewer outlets who are still trying to compete for readers and ad dollars. Yet you need your story to cut through in a manner that informs, educates, changes opinion and inspires action.  The media take our calls because we don't waste their time, and I won't waste yours.

    About Us

    Knowledge & Experience


    First and foremost, I hate to talk about myself. I'd rather talk about you. But successful relationships involve two-way communication. So here goes...  experienced marketing communications pro with solid experience in both B2B and consumer programming. Clients range from corporate brands, to start up craft operations, to foreign entities seeking US investors..  I've worked with Heads of State, C-level execs, Operations and Sales. Let's talk about what that means for you. 



    If you are looking for 'PR by the Pound,' I'm not your girl.  Share your business objectives, as granular as you like, and those will drive the plan .  We'll focus on the geographies that are important, the audiences with whom you want to connect and the actions you need them to take to meet your business goals. 

    Metrics Count


    Maybe it's my background in economics, but numbers count and so does continuous improvement. We'll align on the metrics that mean something to you and your stakeholders, and use those to chart our progress and course correct along the way. 

    Previous and current clients


    CAMUS Cognac ~ Lambay Irish Whiskey ~ Lucid Absinthe

    HOTShot Coffee ~ Davidoff of Geneva ~ KO Distilling

    Hood River Distillers ~ Beach Whiskey Co. ~ Johnnie Walker

    Clear Creek Distillery ~ Virginia Distillers Association

    Here's what colleagues and clients say...


    Alexandra Albu, National Sales & Marketing Director, CIL US Wines & Spirits

    "In my capacity of National Sales & Marketing Director for Camus Cognac's US Subsidiary, I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for more than four years.  She has represented our portfolio of cognacs, vodka, Irish whiskey and single malts with the utmost professionalism and dedication. She has been more than a consultant to me and my team; she has become a part of the team and a friend to all of us. Laura's contacts with the industry's key publications and influencers is very extensive, and she is very highly regarded by all . Laura and I have worked extensively on all aspects of PR activities for our brands in the US- from trade press to consumer media, to events, product placements, national sales conventions and Global Brand Ambassador press tours in the US, and she has been a great support and integral part of the planning, facilitating and organizing very important events showcasing our brands." 

    Fred Minnick, Editor in Chief, founder, Bourbon + Magazine

    "As a journalist, I work with a lot of publicists. So many of them do not understand their products or a journalist's objectives. But, Laura understands both. On several occasions, Laura has helped me set up interviews extremely important for my stories. Because she is so knowledgeable, Laura also helped steer me in the right direction for other sources that were not directly tied to her brands. Her combination of intelligence and common sense makes her a rarity in today's spirits publicists. For as long as I work in this industry, I will always call her for information." 

    Amy Ciarametaro, Executive Director, Virginia Distillers Association

     “Laura is an extension of the Virginia Distillers Association, and has repeatedly generated national media coverage for our burgeoning organization. She brings value and creativity to every intersection in the process to develop earned media opportunities and brand management and strives to go above and beyond to achieve goals and maximize budgets."  

    Keri Meuret, Marketing Brand Manager, Hood River Distillers

    "As the Marketing Brand Manager for an ever-changing portfolio of spirits brands, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Laura Peet in many capacities for almost 6 years.  Laura has not only been instrumental in helping to strategize marketing and public relations programming, but has also helped to execute on site, managing every aspect of the logistics for events.  She is always diligent and works very efficiently to be within (and most times under) budgets.  She immerses herself into her projects, and puts her heart and soul into making sure that her clients are happy.  Her vast connections and knowledge of the industry is very hard to find, and I appreciate that she is always suggesting creative ways to create buzz for our brands, among many other talents.  Laura will always be a trusted business and professional colleague." 

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